How can a family health crisis become a mission? One that solves the needs of the clients, and the caregivers. 

Five years ago, my 87-year-old Mother had fallen and broke her shoulder. In addition, she had macular degeneration leaving her almost blind. Here was a fiercely independent woman who after having eleven children entered law school, became a lawyer, first woman President of the Maryland Bar Association, District Court Judge, and Circuit Court Judge. Like many in her generation and those younger, the desire is to remain in their homes. Not needing nursing care but assistance. What and where could a highly skilled staff be found at affordable costs?

After caring for my mother for three weeks, I decided to quit my job and come homeBut her care required additional assistance with toileting, bathing, errands, light housework, appointments and, most important, companionship. 

Three different care agencies were hired but all failed to achieve the quality we were seekingThus, Caregiving Angels of Maryland was born. A silver lining to what was a family tragedy She passed away in March of this year. 

Caregiving Angels provides fully vetted providers to handle the daily tasks of our clients.  We take pride in that we pay premium salaries while keeping our rates affordable. Our attention to detail for our patients is unmatched and support for the tireless loving support of the caregivers is priceless. 

It is the joy of my life to honor her Legacy, with the creation of Caregiving Angels. It is there when you, your family or friends have the greatest need. 

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